Tudor Arcade Bench Launch

DAWNot sure why, but every time I have to deliver, move or photograph a piece of furniture it seems to rain. I’ve got so used to this phenomenon I just kind of expect it now. So it was no surprise that yesterday – the Tudor Arcade Bench Launch Event, the forecast was a bit gloomy to say the least.

DogThe idea was to get artists and makers taking part in Dorset Art Weeks to come along and have a ‘creative sit down’, get some interesting looking artists to populate the bench to promote it and DAW at the same time. Looking up at the grey heavens it was hard to imagine anyone would come really, but sure enough at 2pm, all of a sudden Dorset’s artists and makers came up trumps. I won’t claim in was a huge show but I will name every one of you to show my appreciation!

Jenny Crocker (Printmaker)
Emily Morgan (Landscape Painter)
Jem Main (DVA Director)
Suzy Rushbrook (DVA Administrator)
Alice Blogg (Furniture Maker)
Ann Pearce (Jeweller)
Tracey McGarrigan (DVA Co-ordinator)
Gavin Hutchison (Project Architects)
Bridget & Edward Pirie (yes my family to boost numbers!)
Jack Russell (a small hairy dog)

Glad to say there were people with cameras, notebooks and microphones present and of course the team from Watershed PR who will distribute the press release to all those journalists too scared of the rain. Talking of which, it miraculously stopped at a couple of minutes to 2pm. Perhaps the curse is over, then again as I look at of the workshop window…

The team of makers at Simon Thomas Pirie in Briantspuddle has crafted the exquisite curving steamed and scorched oak bench for the refreshed Tudor Arcade shopping area in Dorchester. Along its winding 10 metre path are single