The Dorset Art Week Diaries 2012, Day 1

DAWSo, here we are 10am first Saturday of Dorset Art Weeks and we are basically ready, well tidying up from last nights PV with a bit of fine tuning. Space is looking great now things are up and finished, because of Peters paintings there are lots of greens which compliment our chair leathers really nicely. It’s a very calming palette which is probably a good thing.

The new scorched oak Torii tables went down very well last night, but I will be the first to admit it will take someone with a bit of aesthetic vision to buy them.


I always have a sweep stake of what time the first visitor arrives and was only a few minutes out with a guess of 10.42. Actually they came a few minutes earlier at 10.35, Liz won this year. After a slow start people started flooding in we were really busy and ended the day having spoken to more than 50 people, that’s what’s DAW is all about, meeting people who you know are interested because they have made the effort to come and find you. Lots of good interest as well although nothing concrete sold, two people are looking at bidding on the low display cabinet in the auction.

For all the details of the pieces in the auction and how it works click here

I had to step out early from the show and get dressed up a bit for my evening entertainment which was the official opening of Dorset Art Weeks 2012. We were being hosted by Sculpture by the Lakes, the stunning sculpture park run by Simon Gudgeon. As DVA Chairman it was up to me to follow Simon with some opening words and thank yous to all the people who have helped DAW happen, sponsors, staff and of course the 1000 or so artists taking part in this brilliant celebration of visual arts across Dorset.

DAW SG1Anyway after the speeches it was time for some fab music by London Festival Opera and the guitar and tenor Duo Pete Morton and John Hudson. Between the 2 music sets there was an interlude for picnics, chilling and catching up with lots of Dorset’s visual arts bods. By the time the music finished it was getting dark and the fires and nightlights were lit around around the lakes for dusk promenading. It’s probably the first time my wife and I have spent any quality time together (without kids) for weeks. It was rather romantic!

It’s also the best time to wonder into the gallery space at Sculpture by the Lakes, where some of the smaller pieces of Simon’s work is dramatically displayed. Don’t miss it – venue 57, just a couple of miles away from us here at the Courtyard Gallery (venue 36).