Talking Crafts

Picture 2So what happens when I’m put on the spot and asked as a maker why I make and why it’s important? It’s a tricky question when it comes out of the blue, but a fair one. To add to the pressure it is being filmed at the end of a long day’s meeting on a Saturday after a long week. The occasion was a special board development day for Walford Mill Crafts, the man behind the camera Michael Noonan which had just facilited the day.

So did I answer the question? I think so, but perhaps you should judge for yourself. Vanity means I became to over preoccuipied with the bags under my eyes and the fact I really must go and get my hair cut:

KMLuckily for me Kevin McCloud has also been talking about the crafts and the value of makers this week. Much of it rings true and echos my own thoughts, but in a much more articulate way.