Scorch & Steam Video. The Tudor Arcade Bench, Dorchester

We had a day filming in the workshop last week the making of the steam bent and scorched oak bench for Tudor Arcade, Dorchester. It is now finished and ready to be installed during the last week of April. Can’t wait to see it in place and sit in it, along with thousands of others over the years to come.

The 10 metre long bench snakes gently through the arcade outside Waitrose and Fat Face. It’s in the shape of a large question mark, with bench and seat elements facing different directions, some looking like single regal thrones, some side by side as ‘love seats’, some as more traditional 3-seat benches, along with areas that are just open to interpretation.

Had great fun filming this with Jonathan Hudston and Stephen Banks aka @DorsetScouser of Watershed PR. It’s already doing the rounds on twitter and facebook and seems to be a hit! We are planning to do lots more of this kind of thing. Enjoy…