(Re) Making Dorset

We are delighted to announce that Notarianni Glass, Victoria Jardine, Jane Burden and Simon Thomas Pirie will be exhibiting at Furleigh Estate Vineyards as part of Dorset Art Weeks 2024. (Re) Making Dorset at Furleigh Vineyard will be open from Saturday 25th May until Sunday 9th June, from 10am until 5pm every day. Despite what the Dorset Art Weeks brochure says Furleigh is now open on Sundays. Directions and further information (venue 86 in the Dorset Art Weeks 2024 brochure) can be found at the bottom of this page.

(Re) Making Dorset at Furleigh Estate sees four of Dorset’s finest crafts studios together under one roof in this must-see show. All four were featured in Making Dorset’s ‘Fifty Dorset Makers’ book published in 2017 and continue to produce exquisite work that reflects the essence of creativity in this county.

…and as if that wasn’t enough of a draw you’ll also be visiting a Dorset vineyard that makes award-winning, world class still and sparkling wines! There is a shop but you can also participate in tastings and tours of the vineyards and winery.

Closing Event
Come and join us and meet all 4 makers for a ‘meet the maker’ day which takes place over the whole of Sunday 9th June (10am till 5pm). There will of course be plenty of Furleigh’s finest on hand as well as soft drinks and nibbles. During the rest of the 16 days of Dorset Art Weeks not all of the makers will be present all of the time so if you want to chat to someone specific do get in contact with them before your visit through their website contact detail links below…

Jane Burden, Textiles & Ceramics

By combining smoke-fired, hand-built ceramics, pressed porcelain casts and colourful textile threads, Jane Burden produces highly crafted, reflective work that connects to themes of ancient landscape, social history and human emotion.

Her most recent project, the cathartic Tangled Threads series, explores on a number of different levels the tensions between calm and chaos, order and confusion. Considered use of materials and techniques bring together beautifully hand-cut and burnished thread ‘cards’, which are individually stamped, smoke-fired and wrapped in dyed yarns. The careful arrangements of smoke tones and subtle coloured threads allow for powerful communication through a unique medium.

Victoria Jardine, Ceramics

When potters talk about pots we use very anthropormorphic language. A pot has a foot, belly, neck, shoulder and lip. These very ‘human’ references describe something of the way we relate to pots. They reveal an ancient relationship between mankind and vessels, a notion of ‘pot’ that vibrates through every culture from the moment we first learned to shape mud with our hands.

My work is hand built, predominantly coiled and sits firmly within a Western tradition of Studio Ceramics which concerns itself almost exclusively with an exploration of the vessel form. This restricted cannon, far from being limiting, allows a great deal to be said. I think of my pots as feminine. In part this is the femininity of a form that exists to be filled and emptied, in part the intimacy of an object that is made for home, but mostly this is about the actual forms themselves. My notion of ‘belly’ is replaced with that of ‘corset’ and the heavy, grounded ‘foot’ that we find at the base of many pots is set ‘on point’ allowing each piece to lift away from the table in a moment of weightlessness. A pirouette.

Notarianni Glass, Glassware

Amanda Notarianni and Charlie Macpherson have been working together to make award winning contemporary glass for 25 years. They have a passion for design excellence and an exceptional commitment to creating works of art that are unique.

Their signed innovative ultra modern pieces are hand made in Poundbury, Dorset to commission for private clients, corporations, museums and galleries.

“We specialize in working with superyacht designers and high end corporate art consultants, to design and create large-scale sculptural art in glass.”

Amanda and Charlie exhibit internationally and have pieces in both private and public collections.

Simon Thomas Pirie, Furniture & Interiors

Simon Thomas Pirie is a multi-award-winning contemporary bespoke furniture company in Dorset, specialising in bespoke furniture, interiors and kitchens.

To all the team at Simon Thomas Pirie ‘bespoke’ still means something; an individual attention to detail that differs in every project, getting to know and understand our clients and what they really want, then translating that through the design and making process to create beautiful objects and spaces.

Simon and his dedicated team design and make a huge variety of projects for clients in the UK and further afield. Regardless of whether it’s a small occasional table, a dining set, a kitchen or one of our stunning interiors, all the furniture that leaves the workshops is instilled with the same passion.

Furleigh Estate Vineyards

Furleigh Estate is 85 acres of vineyard, lakes and grazing land surrounded by woodland. The area is teaming with wildlife; buzzards fly overhead; deer, pheasants and partridge roam the vineyard, while heron fish regularly from the lakes to which our resident geese return each Spring.

Over 22,000 vines grow on the south facing slopes of the Estate. 15,000 of these are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier used to produce our classic quality sparkling wines. Bacchus and Rondo are also grown to produce fine still wines.

Tours and Tastings
Tours and tastings take place regularly while (Re) Making Dorset is on. They don’t happen every day and it is advisable to book ahead for these as they do get filled. At the moment we know there is some availability on the 1st and 5th June. Other dates are also available: – Click here for more information…

The Estate shop in the same building as the exhibition has a good stock of all the vineyards wines as well as other local produce.

Directions, Address and Further Information

Furleigh Estate is between Bridport and Broadwindsor on the B3162. There is a white fingerpost north of the the village of Salwayash saying ‘vineyard’ pointing down a lane. After 100m turn right over a cattle grid and follow the farm track down the hill to the winery.

Telephone: 01308 488991

Email: info@furleighestate.co.uk

Address: Furleigh Estate Vineyard, Furleigh Farm, Salwayash, Bridport. DT6 5JF

Telephone: 01308 488991

Dorset Art Weeks Brochure, Website and App Venue Number – 86:

Directions: Furleigh Estate is between Bridport and Broadwindsor on the B3162. There is a white fingerpost north of the the village of Salwayash saying ‘vineyard’ pointing down a lane. After 100m turn right over a cattle grid and follow the farm track down the hill to the winery.

DAW venue 86 signs will also be pointing you in the right direction.