New Forest Show 2011


Once again we have been invited to exhibit in the New Forest Trust ‘Fine Crafted Wood Exhibition’ during the New Forest Show.

It is open to the public from July 26 to 28. I’ve really grown to like this event, although trying to catogorise it is difficult; it’s an all out county agricultural show, market with dodgy gezzers selling stuff you don’t need and if you look hard enough full of things which are really high quality. The Trust’s tent full of fine furniture by professionals and up and coming trainees is increasingly on of those highlights that visitors come back too. Last year nearly 20,000 visited during the 3 days.

The New Forest Trust are a charity looking to promote the conservation of the New Forest and its environment. But that does not mean they want to freeze the Forest in a pertetual time warp of history, but make it a working / living place.