Dorset Art Weeks Diary 2012

DAWHere we go again, like last year I’ll be keeping a Dorset Art Weeks Diary, a kind of exhibitors eye view of the event. So the brochures are out, the website is up, tweets are flying and there is that air of excitement in the air for the artists and visitors alike.

With 23 days to go it’s all coming up rather fast, but by reading what I was thinking and doing last time perhaps that can help me prepare a bit more, well maybe. I suspect I will still be doing labels as the first visitor walks in, just like last time. As well as the perspective from my venue I will try to get out and see as many other artists and makers as possible. Seems only right for me as the DVA chair of the trustees to do some ‘art miles’. If you want to see what we all got up to last time in 2010 and read the diary click here